1. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    Hi everybody, What is the best gear I can use to get good winterish photographs? I live in Finland and I always wanted to get good images during winter where everything gets snowy white and the cities are colorful. However sometimes my smatphone doesn't get the captures right. So now I'm...
  2. trueshadesphoto

    Best lenses for Sony A7S II (4K) ???

    I am new to photography profession. i have started wedding photography shoot and i brought Sony A7S II (4K) camera. i am confuse in buying the lenses for the same.So please suggest me the lenses that will be best for wedding photography.
  3. F

    Photography Occupation

    Hello All, Just wondering how many people on this forum have photography as their profession, be it as a photographer, editor etc. The reason I am bringing this up, is I became curious into how many people actually work in the business of photography. So please mention your occupation here. If...
  4. opauga

    Photographers are a different kind of creatures. Do you agree?

    I Found this funny post about how wierd Photographers really are. Seems true for me. Started to laugh and think, is it really so or only I'm wierd? ----