Next to the city fountain with the statue of pegasus the symbol of Corinth. OLYMPIC CAULDRON 2024 by ACHILLEAS VOURVOPOULOS, on Flickr
  2. O

    Does my documentary photography portfolio have potential? I've been practicing and studying the craft for the past three years and for the first time, I feel like I'm starting to put together a serious body of work that would be presentable to newspapers and photo editors. What does the the photo forum community think? I...
  3. CallibCarver

    On Scene | CC

    While in Old Sacramento my girlfriend and I turned the corner, near steamers, and came upon this interesting scene. Three squad cars, a bike cop, and what appear to be a balloon artist giving an account of an incident to a police officer. The journalist in me couldn’t help but wonder what had...
  4. H

    Holi 2016

    Hi everyone, New here. I enjoy flicking through the threads and learning from your pictures and criticisms. I was wondering if I could get some feedback on this picture I took for Wake Forest University's annual Holi festival. Thanks!