point & shoot cameras

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    Canon Sure Shot AF35 underexposure

    So I've been using this camera for a few weeks now and I use 400 film and my ISO/ASA is at 400 as well. I never change my settings but somehow some of my photos come out under exposed. Do i need to change my settings up to 1000 when shooting outdoors in the day or should i lower it to 200 or...
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    Alex - photo critique wanted!

    1) all aboard by Alexandru Mihai Popescu, on Flickr 2) old age by Alexandru Mihai Popescu, on Flickr 1) Shot with Olympus VG-110 on auto mode, in a sunny winter day - late morning. I wanted to capture the moment when the railroad worker gives the "ok" for the train to leave the station. I...
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    Mirrorless/Point-and-Shoot for Long-term travel

    Hello everyone, I'm going to be an exchange student now looking for a camera suitable for multi purposes. I'm not a total beginner so I've got some basic knowledge of photography. But I found it really difficult to get a versatile camera within 800 USD which is perfect to bring it along...
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    Want advice on buying an inexpensive point & shoot camera

    I don't have a smart phone, so it was suggested that I get a camera instead. I want to buy a low cost point & shoot camera (perhaps $100-200), around the size of a phone; for photos and video. I'd like to shoot indoor video with it. Is there an inexpensive camera that provides pretty good low...