portrait lens

  1. A

    Budget portrait lens for Full Frame

    (Not must to read)Photography is my hobby and I can't spend much money on it. Everything I have now I got for free, but I feel that I need autofocus prime lens for portraits. I have 5D(first), EF 28-135 IS USM, Plannar 50 1.4(not new one, old, for c/y mount, but i have focus confirm)Sonnar 135...
  2. gossamer

    Depth of field calcuations with a D500 and 24-70mm

    Hi, I'm hoping to take a few portrait pictures today with my D500 and the 24-70mm lens. I expect to shoot at either f2.8 or f3.2 and trying to determine where I should stand with respect to where the subject should stand to get the best picture and blur the background (trees/greenery). There is...
  3. angelusagendi

    Need advise from experienced Canon portrait photographers

    Good day, I'm looking for some insightful advise from experienced portrait photographers who use Canon cameras. Currently, I have Canon t5i eos camera (crop sensor camera). I am diving into portrait photography. I already have a lovely Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens that makes nice headshots. However...
  4. Annaa

    What (prime) lens for portraits?

    I'm currently on the hunt for a new prime lens to use mainly for portraits. It will replace my Nikkor 35/1,8 and be a complement to a 28-75/2,8 and a 70-200/2,8. The 35/1,8 I find too wide for portraits, plus I barely use it since switching to FX since it's a DX lens. I'm using a Nikon D600...