post processing

  1. A

    How to achieve so strong vintage/retro color effect, any presets or ideas?

    Interested about Your attitude to achieving at least some parts of this old photo effect?
  2. k.udhay

    Water splash photography - Post processing tips requested

    Hi, I went through this tutorial in youtube and want to try out: @2.29 - The video author shows a fantastic final pic. @ 4:45 - He shows just-out-of-the-cam (unedited) pic. The unedited pic. has got one big problem. The black background colour under water lever is a bit of grey compared to...
  3. tiaphoto

    Retouching Pricing and Contracts?

    Hi guys, I'm a retoucher. :1219: I am used to doing company/agency full time onsite work; therefore, I'm used to the work already being decided and given to me for a set hourly rate. After doing some money saving, I have now left my full time retouching position and plan to become a full time...
  4. tiaphoto

    Hi Everyone! New Retoucher/Photog from ATL!

    Hey everyone, my name is Tia. I am a Retoucher & Photographer from Atlanta, GA. I focus mainly on portrait, fashion and photo manipulation work. I'm new to this forum and pretty much new to forums all together. I recently realized how much I can learn from reading and sharing on forums. Which is...