post production

  1. k.udhay

    High contrast drama B&W in post production - Tutorial needed

    Hi, This guy is my favourite photographer in India. I adore his street photography shots becauase they always have a story in them. His Post Production (PP) (mostly high contrast B/w with pop-out eyes of the subject) brings unmeasurable emotion in the pictures. I like to understand if this...
  2. k.udhay

    Unable to define what I am missing in my pictures

    I shot my friend in his room using a flash bounced against ceiling. I got a decent pic. and my friend is also happy at it: Instagram post by Vivek A • Oct 3, 2017 at 11:33am UTC Camera : Nikon D3200 (cropper sensor) f/1.8, 1/200, ISO 200 & 50 mm prime lens That...
  3. davidbeckphoto

    When to stop Photoshopping - where do you draw the line?

    When I do edit, I have a list of things I fix and a list of things that I think are too far. Everybody has different limits - what's on your lists? Here are some things from mine - agree or disagree? Fix: Spot blemishes Skin color issues (grey under eyes / redness) Stray hairs Weird wrinkles...
  4. B

    Issue with Exporting High Res Files

    I recently noticed that when I export my files out of Lightroom, that the file size is much smaller than it used to be (1,500-3,500 kb now vs 6-9 mb previously). The quality is set to 100 and I haven't changed any of the LR settings for resizing. I just had a client contact me because she got...
  5. E

    Editing Help

    Hi all, I'm working on some product photography at the moment which needs a dreamy/warm feel. I've come across these images on my travels - does anyone know how this look is achieved? Is it the quality of camera and lens? Or is it achieved in post production? I'm mainly referring to the...
  6. tiaphoto

    Retouching Pricing and Contracts?

    Hi guys, I'm a retoucher. :1219: I am used to doing company/agency full time onsite work; therefore, I'm used to the work already being decided and given to me for a set hourly rate. After doing some money saving, I have now left my full time retouching position and plan to become a full time...