1. Coffee Jester

    Working on KODACHROME 64 recreation

    Hey folks. I've been working on creating a way to process my digital photos to emulate (as accurately as possible) the look of Kodachrome 64 film. So far I haven't come across any presets online that resemble Kodachrome much at all (even though they claim to) so I set out to pull it off myself...
  2. tiaphoto

    If you create a preset in Lightroom 5 could it be used in Lightroom 4?

    I wanted to create a preset in Adobe Lightroom 5 for someone with Adobe Lightroom 4. Would the preset work pretty close to the same? Or would I need to do something to the preset file to make it compatible with Lightroom 4? Is it possible to change preset compatibility in Lightroom? Thank you...
  3. ivorycolors

    apply preset on part of photo but not whole thing? Please help

    So I threw a preset on a photo but there's a girl in it that I want to keep without the preset...I want her to look the same as she did before I threw in the preset. Is there a brush preset for this or a way to achieve this without photoshop? I really need help with this. Thanks.