1. MVPernula

    The eternal question of pricing

    Hello! Between March-April I'll have my first ever paid shoot, it'll be an event or bal more specifically. Excited! They want me shooting actively between 16-22 (4PM - 10PM), so about a 6 hour shoot. During this time they expect me to my thing when they mingle, take group shots and some...
  2. Red_Jade

    How to price your photo work (publications)

    Hello friends, I have just signed up today! May I seek your thoughts/advice how to price your photo work, on a per image basis? I am a hobbyist (from the Philippines) and recently requested by a publisher for the use of a photo work for a text book. I wanted to give it for free as the textbook...
  3. P

    No idea how to work out a price deal

    I'm a pet photographer, just starting and a local dog groomer approached me saying she wants to book me for an entire day to do mini sessions with her clients. She will book all the appointments for the day and give me a space to work. I have to come in, set up and shoot. She wants to know how I...
  4. Samuel.z

    Start selling prints?

    I just got asked what i'd charge for a print of a photo. I tried to sound as confidence as possible and said that i have to look at the cost and will come back to them later. Then i left contact information and took theirs. I am now trying to figure out how to put value on my work. Since this...
  5. P

    Pricing help - For the use of my fine art photo for limited copyright

    Fellow proffesional photographers can you give me some advice? I was contacted by an art consultation company in Sri Lanka that has a client interested in purchasing my fine art photograph to use in 41 of their rooms in a 5 star luxury hotel there. They want to get a quote from me for a...
  6. purpleroan

    Digital File Size/Resolution

    Hey everyone! I'll keep it short and sweet...when selling a digital file to a client, how large should it be? Dimensions/resolution? Also, what do you suggest as far as pricing goes? Looking for quick answers! Thanks so much.
  7. JGOB

    Hasselblad 500C/M

    Hey, I'm new to medium format photography but have been looking around to buy a Hasselblad. I'm pretty good at knowing prices for 35mm film camera's but I haven't a clue about medium format film camera's. So I recently saw an add for a Hasselblad 500C/M. The guy send me a snapshot of it, but...
  8. T

    Camera for both portrait and landscape photography

    Hi all Im a beginner and wanted to know what is the best camera for both portrait(model) and landscape photography? I like to take photo both indoor and outdoor and my budget is only about 500 $ to buy a camera. I prefer Canon or Nikon brands so what do you suggest? What is the best lens for...