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  1. CindyRoss

    Printing photos or giving them on digital devices

    Question for photographers - after doing a photoshoot such as a wedding, do you print the pictures and charge by the photo, or do you download the photos on a jump drive or CD?
  2. C

    Wall Prints Photography and Design Guide

    Wondering which print to choose for your favorite photos? Check out our Wall Prints Photography and Design Guide to learn the difference between some of the most popular photo prints and see which one would be right for you. Also, I would love to hear about photo prints you have used in the...
  3. M

    Photos in an album in the USA

    Good day. I come from Europe. Exactly Polish. In Poland the most popular images in an album is 10x15 (in centimeters). I would like to know which standard applies in the USA and Canada regarding the images in the album. What images most often printed in the United States and Canada for the...