professional photographer

  1. NGH

    Looking for photographer on Big Island Hawaii

    Hi My family and I are going to the Big Island, Hawaii at the end of this month and looking for recommendations for a Photographer to take some casual photos of us ideally on the 1st September. Anyone here in Hawaii or know someone. Thanks in advance
  2. trinidadgonzalezsardi

    I'm looking for advice on becoming a fashion photographer

    Hi guys! This is my first thread in the forum, so be gentle if I make any mistake. I've been doing photography since forever (my first camera was a Mickey Mouse green one that my parents gave to me when I was 5 y.0. and i've never stopped since then). Today, with 21 y.0., I'm trying to make my...
  3. F

    Photography Occupation

    Hello All, Just wondering how many people on this forum have photography as their profession, be it as a photographer, editor etc. The reason I am bringing this up, is I became curious into how many people actually work in the business of photography. So please mention your occupation here. If...
  4. Yevgeniya

    criticize my work

    Hello to everyone! I'm a photographer from far Kazakhstan. I'm prof in my country, but not sure that my works are in world level. Please, see my food photos on me web-site Профессиональный фотограф в Астане I need a critical view.