professional photographers

  1. gossamer

    Need advice on starting a photo company

    Hi, I'm an amateur photographer with a D500 and a 24-70mm and a few other lenses. I have an opportunity to do some product photography for a small wholesale pet supply company and would like to form an LLC or S-Corp to do this. I'm already a business owner (C-corp), but I haven't had to...
  2. P

    Pricing help - For the use of my fine art photo for limited copyright

    Fellow proffesional photographers can you give me some advice? I was contacted by an art consultation company in Sri Lanka that has a client interested in purchasing my fine art photograph to use in 41 of their rooms in a 5 star luxury hotel there. They want to get a quote from me for a...
  3. F

    Can you accept it ??

    Monochrome is never an old technology or facet of Photography, Black & White photography strides to in-depth Detailing and Aesthetic values. Every bit of these photograph speak volumes of stories without colours in it, the attention to details is what highlights them. Colour Psychology says...