1. D

    Super quick & easy lighting set up

    Hello everyone! I’m a photographer who mostly focus on Concept Art, Fashion & Portraits. The studio is where I feel at home, I’ve decided to put my 6 years of studying and the knowledge that I’ve gained to put on YouTube. Here is a quick lighting set up ( for portraits ) that I did for a company.
  2. erkindemir

    profoto d1 buzzing noise?!

    Today I bought profoto d1 kit (500w). One of them makes an electrical buzzing sound after firing. Its very unpleasant sound. other than that, it works perfectly. Any opinions will be great. I just saw one post like mine but couldn't reach the photographer for info. the video belongs to his d1...
  3. Z

    Studio lighting: What modifier will achieve this look?

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know what kind of Profoto modifier would achieve this kind of look in the studio? I won't have time to test this in the studio so not sure if the standard reflector on the D1's will give a hard/strong enough light. Could something like barn doors or the Pro Fresnel work...
  4. Thomas Cross

    Battery or No battery?

    Looking to buy a 2 light kit. However at a later date I'd like to add more lights when I have more money. IS it recommended that I go with the AC option or a battery option?? It's not essential for me to shoot outdoors and have portability. What is the choice to go with when building an Indoor...
  5. Profoto Man

    Like New Profoto Acute 2R 1200 Lighting For Sale

    Acute 2R 1200 for sale. This equipment is absolutely amazing. It is in MINT CONDITION. It has been sitting in my studio collecting dust for the past 3 years. So I decided since I am not using it I might as well get rid of it. These lights will work forever they are real work horses. I have...
  6. D-B-J

    Happy Halloween From Lily to You!!

    Isn't she adorable? Shot with a single Profoto B2, and a 24" Octabox. _RSP0147 by f_one_eight, on Flickr _RSP0137 by f_one_eight, on Flickr _RSP0127 by f_one_eight, on Flickr Cheers! Jake