1. M

    Camera settings for proposal video - HELP PLEASE

    What are the best settings to use for filming a proposal? Camera - 5D Markiii with 70-200mm EF lens Shoot is in an open area of a park and the weather will be overcast but bright (filming done secretly from afar) Any advice would be massively appreciated! (I am last minute jumping in to help...
  2. Destin

    The most meaningful photo of my life.. The moment I proposed to my girlfriend

    Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a while. Hope everyone is holding up well during COVID. While I may be too busy to get on regularly right now or take many photos, I thought this one was worth sharing... especially since we could all use positive news right now. The photo below is of my...
  3. F

    Nighttime proposal and High ISO

    Hi there. I am shooting a proposal for a family member, and have a question for anyone familiar with the Nikon D810 (or similar models). The proposal will be happening at night in a gazebo. The only light will be strings of white lights hung in the gazebo, and candles. I had a test run last...