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  1. J

    Interior Kitchen photography. Reducing Room Reflections

    Hey guys, Am sure you pros have run into this many times and there are several ways to go about it. Wanted to hear your thoughts on how you all usually prevent Room Reflections on Glass. For example, check out the reference shot a client sent me. See the room and windows reflecting in the...
  2. H

    Meet HouseLens ArtistPro

    We're excited to be the newest supporting vendor for thePhotoForum! HouseLens ArtistPro is a set of field-tested business management tools for professional real estate photographers. With just one easy-to-use platform, you can: schedule shoots natively host and deliver photos, video, AND 3D...
  3. footballfan993

    Doing Real Estate photography

    So I'm currently looking at houses, because I want to buy one, even though I can't afford it, but I still like looking at them. I regularly look at the site Zillow, I've noticed that a lot of the houses in my area don't have the best of pictures. If you'd like to look click here: 54481 Real...