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  1. P

    Real Estate Photography Copyright Scenario

    I work as a real estate photographer in Australia, currently trying to move from predominantly sub-contracting for someone else to directly contracting to real estate agencies. Not sure if it's different elsewhere in the world, but down here, it seems to be pretty common practice for agencies to...
  2. Farouk Qosay

    I need an advice!

    Hello everyone, I have a Canon EOS 70D and I thought that I might need to start working on becoming a freelance photographer. I would like to know if Canon 70D is good to work with while being a freelance photographer, I haven't really chosen which category I'm gonna be specialized in, but...
  3. Cody'sCaptures

    Real Estate Photography

    Hello everyone, Long time creeper finally made an account.. I recently was working with a real estate agent to look at homes. Long story short I brought some equipment just to have reference shots and she asked if I would be interested in making some money.. Um ya ! So the research begins...
  4. footballfan993

    Doing Real Estate photography

    So I'm currently looking at houses, because I want to buy one, even though I can't afford it, but I still like looking at them. I regularly look at the site Zillow, I've noticed that a lot of the houses in my area don't have the best of pictures. If you'd like to look click here: 54481 Real...
  5. H

    Aspiring Architectural Photographer

    Hello All! Any architectural photographers out there? I'm hoping that someone can point me towards a good forum that would cater towards architecture photography. If I am already at the right place then please let me know! I would love to post some of my questions here. Thanks!