1. YourLipsMyLipsApocalypse

    Canadian Refurbished Nikon

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a refurbished camera without having to pay extra to ship to Canada?
  2. F

    Best Sources for Used Photographic Equipment

    It is often possible to pick up equipment in excellent equipment that is used or refurbished. It isn't easy trusting what is promoted over the web. But experience from people who typically obtain much of their equipment from such sources can possibly help point to good reliable and...
  3. A

    Refurbished Nikons

    Those who have ordered refurbished cameras directly from Nikon, can you please tell me what your boxes look like or how they came? I'm looking to buy a Nikon D5500 kit from someone on Craigslist that says they have a sealed refurbished box that they bought directly from the Nikon factory. How...