1. R

    EOS Canon Rebel SL1 resolution of RAW+JPEG images

    Dear readers, I have an EOS Canon Rebel SL1. I shoot in RAW+JPEG (highest quality. However the resolution is only 240dpi. I need it to be 300 for good print quality. How could I do this? The manual wasn't helpful in this regard and the Canon forum only answers e-mails for US citizens. I would...
  2. B

    Issue with Exporting High Res Files

    I recently noticed that when I export my files out of Lightroom, that the file size is much smaller than it used to be (1,500-3,500 kb now vs 6-9 mb previously). The quality is set to 100 and I haven't changed any of the LR settings for resizing. I just had a client contact me because she got...
  3. purpleroan

    Digital File Size/Resolution

    Hey everyone! I'll keep it short and sweet...when selling a digital file to a client, how large should it be? Dimensions/resolution? Also, what do you suggest as far as pricing goes? Looking for quick answers! Thanks so much.