1. TheFabulousSashaBee

    Nikon D3200 Rokinon 14mm lens

    Hey guys! I recently purchased the Rokinon 14mm lens and I am wondering why my camera tells me to "Lock lens aperture ring at minimum aperture" when I change the aperture on the lens' manual ring? I am using a Nikon D3200. Help!!
  2. S

    Sony a7rii Lens Choice with or without Metabones adapter

    Hi guys first post and thanks for having me. OK I a converted Canon 5D Markii guy to my new Sony a7rii which I love as you can imagine I have plenty of Canon glass so the first thing I did was to buy the Metabones adapter for my glass. Now I am looking to buy further lenses and want to know...
  3. M

    Nissin i40 or Sony hvl-f32m flash for Rokinon 12mm manual lens on Sony a6000

    I am looking for an external (speed light I think its called?) flash for my Sony a6000. The reason I am looking for an external one is because I just purchased a Rokinon 12mm manual lens. This lens is nice and compact, however, it sticks out far enough to block light in the bottom left portion...
  4. T

    WTS Canon EOS 5D Mark III w/ 24mm 1.4

    Hello all, I'm selling my Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It's in excellent condition. Shutter count is 7783. Comes with 1 battery and 1 32 GB CF card. I'd like to also sell my Rokinon 24mm 1.4 lens. I bought it brand new about a month ago and have only used it once. It's still in brand new condition...
  5. 1

    E-Mount Lens Bundle

    Hey all, I am selling my lenses and I am committing directly to film photography. I want a fresh start and want new gear. I have 3 clean, quality, and pretty much unused lenses for sale and I have a link to my eBay listing. I'm selling: Canon FD 85mm f/1.2 w/ original bottom cap & Fotasy FD to...
  6. joshuatdlr

    Samyang vs Rokinon

    I want to get the Samyang 135mm f/2 lens for portraiture, but the Rokinon looks exactly the same but is 25% cheaper. What is the difference?
  7. V

    Which should I choose?

    Hi, this is my first post on here. I have a Canon 6D and I'm looking to use it for film. I currently have a Canon 50mm f/1.8 (the $100 one). I'm looking at either getting a Rokinon cine lens like this (I've used their 50mm cine lense and liked it). But this Canon zoom lens is in my price range...