1. C

    Rolleiflex 6002 "Property of Rollei"?

    Hey there. Just found a Rolleiflex 6002 on craigslist that was originally picked up at an estate sale from a deceased photographer. On the front of the camera, under the lens, it says "Service Equipment" and then under that "Property of Rollei". I have never seen anything like this on one of...
  2. R

    Autumn sunrise

    After my teenage son woke me up to drive him somewhere haveng missed the tram (!) I decided to enjoy the early start and try to capture the beautiful sunrise. Hope you like them. This has a slightly tilted horizon but I like the mood. Autumn sunrise by Roger Wade, on Flickr The flare here...
  3. R

    Costa Brava Autumn

    I particularly like these two. Nice composition and friendly light IMO. Hope you like them. Rolleiflex 2.8f HP5 Roger img072-1 by Roger Wade, on Flickr Palafruegell by Roger Wade, on Flickr
  4. R

    Ice cream and feeding pigeons

    Hi all, I have long been interested in street photography and attempting to catch "that" moment. I particularly like the following pic. It says a lot to me, something I try to make happen in my photos. This little girl had just polished off a chocolate ice-cream, run back to her parents and...
  5. V

    Weird damage pattern on 120 film (Rolleiflex)

    After I got my film developed in a local photography shop I noticed this very unusual "light leak" damage and a pattern of dots to go along with it. It only affected first frame of two rolls that I have looked at for the most part. Some of the subsequent frames display a bit of a dot pattern as...
  6. MoonLoon

    Archival Photography Question

    Hi there, new member here. I have a great deal of family photographs from the 1910's to the 1930's that only exist on photographic paper. I would love to preserve these on 120 film directly. I am planning to use my Rolleiflex 3.5f. Anyone have any suggestions on an archival, fine grained B&W...
  7. J

    I HAVE TWO ROLLEIFLEX, A LEICA Leitz M3, Hasselblad, and more

    Hello, My father has this vintage cameras that I'm looking to sell. I'm looking for someone interested or maybe someone that can help me to give me an idea of the best place in internet to sell them. I have two Rolleiflex, a Leica Leitz M3 chrome Double Stroke, one Hasselblad, and a Leica M3...
  8. F

    Cheap lenses for Voigtlander VSL1 bayonet

    Does anyone know of decent copy lenses for vsl1 BM mount? I'm broke and cannot afford the real deal; I would very much appreciate some 35mm experts' input.