1. R

    WANTED: Sony RX100 iii, ii, or i

    Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 8 Well used - may exhibit "dings" or finish marks Looking for an RX100 - the cheaper the better, as this will be used primarily for climbing and will not be babied. Let me know what you have!
  2. B

    I want to buy a 4k camera for video

    I am going to be setting up a new reef aquarium and I want to film the process to help people who are getting started in the hobby and I want a camera, I want to buy a camera to film in 4k inside my home with a tripod & slider, i want to do some up close shots of my aquarium and my fish swimming...
  3. nerwin

    RX100 M3 still worth it in 2016?

    So I've been thinking about getting a compact camera to compliment my DSLR. I have thought about getting the X100s, but the video mode is useless and I want decent video with stabilization. The RX100 M3 came out in mid 2014 and people are telling me to not bother and to get the Mark 4...