1. B

    Mamiya RZ67 shutter problem

    So the other day I received an as-is mamiya rz67 kit with the claim that all they did to test it was put a battery in it and try to fire the shutter. Shutter didn’t fire and that’s all the tried to do (no troubleshooting). So when I still don’t have a battery yet, but I first started testing by...
  2. S

    Buying old film cameras (Used or New in Box)?

    Hello, I will be purchasing an RZ67 Pro ii Medium Format camera soon, now by no means is this camera "old old" but it certainly has been out of production for some time now. I recently read a thread on photo.net about the risk of purchasing old film cameras left in original packaging...
  3. Patriot

    Honda CL350 BW Film

    Mamiya RZ67 110mm 2.8 At F4 Tmax 100 developed in Xtol for 8 minutes Einstein with 60 inch soft above on boom C&C welcomed. Still learning to mix strobes with film.