san antonio

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    Saw a Bird in the Alamo

    Was walking along and saw a bird in the Alamo of all places.
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    Man in the iron mask!

    Any CC welcome, Please let me know which one is better. #1 #2
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    Texas Hay Bells, under the evening sun!

    What do ya'll think? Just a couple of pictures of Texas hill county hay bells, near sunset.
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    I see you.

    Captured a picture wasn't until I came home and edited that I saw her looking at me. Thought it was a nice picture.
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    Very best

    Just the best...
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    Walking down San Antonio

    I enjoy walking and photography a lot of times I see a lot of homeless people and I speak to them and they allow me to take there pictures I've noticed they aren't mad or don't enjoy me taking there picture they seem to just want someone to talk to.
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    Walking Down San Antonio Downtown.

    While walking down town San Antonio I noticed a fence full of locks, it seemed pretty awesome. This was taken with Sony A6000 at 50MM with a 18-105mm lens