1. Fujidave

    The Glasshouse

    It is really just a shop in town, taken with the X100F. The Glasshouse by Dave, on Flickr
  2. jamaldn

    profesional photoshop

    jamal dn (@sheihkjamal) • Instagram photos and videos
  3. T

    Camera for both portrait and landscape photography

    Hi all Im a beginner and wanted to know what is the best camera for both portrait(model) and landscape photography? I like to take photo both indoor and outdoor and my budget is only about 500 $ to buy a camera. I prefer Canon or Nikon brands so what do you suggest? What is the best lens for...
  4. Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    A well used building now serves as a roadside antiques shop near Torrance Ontario. Brian Carson The Learning Curve Photography