shutter speed


    Where does the term SHUTTER SPEED come from?

    Hey everyone! Not being a native English speaker, I often wonder where the term shutter speed comes from. In German, we say "Belichtungszeit" which would translate to exposure time - which is rather logical and found in the EXIF data. But where does the rather misleading "shutter speed" come...
  2. T

    Shutter Speed

    I am trying to do a study with "playing with light" I am having trouble with the shutter speed (i am a n00b) But i seem to be getting it right. ISO ~100 shutter 5 sec-10sec any tips for me here? here is my best so far, granted I have only started to explore this today Shooting Sony A6300
  3. marilyn777

    Photographing Flowers with my Point and Shoot Fujifilm finepix S5200

    This coming Sunday I'm going to be going out with some friends to photograph a site that has literally thousands of daffodils then will be going to a site that has the same amount of Trilliums blooming here in Ontario Canada. I want to get the best shots possible with my Fujifilm Finepix S5200...
  4. M

    Nikon Shutter Sounds

    I got bored the other day so I made a little video of some Nikon shutters. Love that D4s machine gun speed! hah. Cheers!
  5. C

    Why is my shutter speed not budging in A mode?

    I posted a few days ago about images from a recent shoot being overexposed and when I looked at the EXIF data I realized that my shutter speed was set to 1/125 for all of my photos despite my using various apertures throughout the shoot. The shoot began in early evening (bright) sun and ended...
  6. J

    Is my Canon A1 Light-Meter Faulty?

    Hey guys, So I bought a Canon A1 the other day with a 50mm lense and shot my first few rolls of film at a party and in the city at night. What I find strange my light meter and the exposures that its giving me. So I shot at ISO400 at the party which was indoors with decent lighting, and it...
  7. Akrnnr

    Astro: Bulb vs. Shutter speed

    Okay guys I need help. Usually i can find the answers to stuff like this on elgooG but not this time. I was out taking some astro photos this weekend and couldn't get anything with a set shutter speed. Settings were 18mm/f3.5 iso 3200-6400, 5-25" I wasn't getting any light (black foreground...