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    I want to make more dynamic shots, what slider and tripod should I get.

    I want a relatively cheap but sturdy slider and tripod. My budget is 200-350 for both, I want to use them to make videos of my aquarium, some from 3-4 feet away and some from up close to try to film detailed shots of the critters living in the sand. I also want to film the aquarium from the...
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    Camera Slider: 2 Lightweight Tripods or 1 Heavy Weight Tripod

    I do a lot of B-rolls (I know this is photography, but equipment is essentially the same), and I have a question: would it be better to order two lightweight tripods (this one) OR (this one) or should I use my already purchased heavier tripod + 360 ball for a 48" camera slider? I'm trying to rid...
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    Need Help choosing an affordable Timelapse slider.

    Hi, I have been shooting time lapse videos for a while and i want to upgrade to motion timelapse but i have no idea which Slider or control module i need. I have a horribly low budget so a DIY would be great but anything under 400 would be affordable. I like to photograph stars using long...