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  1. Kedarnag138

    Wildlife Safari

    My recent sightings
  2. Kedarnag138

    Helix Bridge - Singapore

  3. Kedarnag138

    Buffy Owl

  4. Kedarnag138

    Sunset by the beach

  5. Kedarnag138

    Hold onto me

  6. Kedarnag138

    Tsongmo Lake - Eastern Sikkim - India

    This was shot during my visit to India last year, when we're coming back from the Ind0-China border in eastern Sikkim. The weather was overcast and it would change very quickly from turn to turn. We parked on the side of the road as this was the clearest I had seen the lake from the mountains.
  7. Kedarnag138

    Marina Bay Sands

  8. E

    First shots with A9 in NYC

    I have owned numerous Nikon DSLR over 8 years. The last Nikon was a D810. It became an extension of my eyes and hands, it was very easy to use and adjust to capture the perfect photo. I specialize in motor sports photography and I need a camera with a fast shooting speed, accurate AF and good...