south florida

  1. cinimodphoto

    Stepping out of my normal bounds

    So I typically do landscape, nature, mountains, and animals. I lately though have been spreading out cause where I currently live I am not a fan of the "landscape" here and was getting burned out. So I started going out at night doing what I called "Nighttime Moments", so here is some of my...
  2. cinimodphoto

    Palm Beach County

    So I live in the Palm Beach County area looking to meet up with other photographers to just do photo walks. I am currently working on starting a podcast where I talk about random stuff I am into including talking during some of my photo walks but would love to have friends to go out with on...
  3. M

    The White Watcher - Mizell-Johnson State Park

    This photograph’s title is admittedly a little bit silly. The “White Watcher” of the title refers to the Sabal Palm in the foreground. I was scrambling around Mizell-Johnson State Park, trying to find the right foreground to frame the dramatic sunset, when I saw this tree. For some reason, the...
  4. M

    Four from Whiskey Creek, South Florida

    These are from my first time exploring this section of Whiskey Creek, which provides easy access to a nice tidal mangrove estuary. I scoped it out in midday, to get to know the location before trying for photographs which may require trekking in darkness. While softer light would be nice, the...