1. J

    Safe to use old Speedotron D402?

    I've got a vintage '85 Speedotron D402 pack with a couple of 5" reflector heads (sorry, don't recall model#s) that I used up thru 1990 for portraiture. The pack hasn't been powered on since about 1991. Given that there are (presumably large) capacitors in this thing, is there any danger in...
  2. kdthomas

    WITHDRAWN: LIKE NEW: Speedotron 402 Brown Line Pack + 7 heads BONUS: 2 Pocket Wizards

    $500 for the set, buyer pays shipping. 1 Speedotron D402p power pack ($630 new) 4 Speedotron M11 Heads ($300 new ... EACH) 2 Speedotron M90 Heads ($250 new EACH) 1 Speedotron M3WU Head ($250 new) 2 Pocketwizard Plus IIIs ($270 for set of 2, new) Everything works. It's about 5 years old, and...