1. Destin

    Light up the Night

    My friend Ryan and I do a bunch of steel wool spinning photos every summer. Last night the weather was warm enough to do our first few of 2018. Here are my two favorites that I wanted to share! Yes, I know train tracks are dangerous. We were on them for less than a minute and we were carefully...
  2. EhJsNe

    For Sale: 12 Reel Stainless Steel Developing Tank With Reels - $95 OBO

    Hey guys. I used to be fairly active on this forum. It's been a couple years and I've since pretty much stopped doing anything with film. When I do, it surely isn't a lot and I have a 12 reel tank that gets much more use than this beast. This developing tank holds 12 35mm reels or 6 120 reels...