1. Samuel.z

    Night out in the city

    #1 #2 #3 A night out in stockholm got me a few photos.
  2. Samuel.z

    Night time

    I shoot most of my photos during night. That is because i work the night shift and most of the time i keep my day rhythm the same even when i am out of work. This is a shot from last night. Thoughts?
  3. Samuel.z

    Stockholm Panorama

    I went into Stockholm tonight and shot a panorama. unfortunately it was not on new years eve but i am expecting to be drinking and do not have the opportunity to be there then. i think this would be a great location to shoot some fireworks. This will do for sure!
  4. Samuel.z

    Stockholm at night

    i was out in the center of stockholm a few nights ago and took some photos. and eventually i got confronted by the royal guards for photographing the royal palace. apparently they got suspicious when i was photographing it at 5am. all good though i showed them my pictures they said it was okay...