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  1. 2022-10-18 6400 East Ave (1).JPG

    2022-10-18 6400 East Ave (1).JPG

    Looking north from the 6400 block on East Ave.
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    [No title]

  3. D


    Hey guys and gals! I'm looking for tips for a new camera to invest in! I'm going to be totally honest with you and i'm new to this photography thing, but i'm a dedicated learner so i'm NOT looking for a beginners equipment. So my budget will be around 1100 USD but hopefully we'll find...
  4. H

    Street Corner Kiss

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this website, so this is my first post. This photo is cropped to bring emphasis to the young lady kissing her partner.
  5. ltcvnzl

    some city life

    Hi, I'm posting here for critique – I've been photographing for a few years but I'm mostly due intuitive things as I don't know much technique, I like photography but I don't know much what to do with my photos, I think that's why I never studied much about it. I use a Canon T3, 50mm lens and...
  6. A

    Madeira, Portugal, 2015

    Hello! This a photo from my recent trip to Madeira, Portugal, on one of the most interesting streets on Funchal! Please send me your C&Cs. DSC_0582-1 by António pista, no Flickr Thank you, AP