strobe light

  1. angelusagendi

    Strobe lights vs umbrella cont.light vs softbox.Where to start for low budget first studio home kit?

    Dear Pro photographers, I read many postings about the first Photo Studio Kit for the Beginners, and many of you don't advise cheap lights from Amazon etc. However, not everyone can afford pro lights right away. Yes, we should save for the better equipment, but in theory if we have the budget...
  2. Dionysus

    FS - Alien Bees B800 Strobe

    We all know the product and the reputation, so there's not really any point in listing specs, because if you don't already know them, they're easy as heck to find. I'll speak specifically about this strobe. I used this strobe pretty regularly as part of a 4 strobe setup. It's time to upgrade...