1. primefactor123

    I have a suggestion.

    People should be able to delete their own threads. (only if nobody else has posted in it) I'm just putting the idea out there. What do you guys think? Yes, it would make a very minor adjustment to the site, but it's all about the small details. I'll let you guys think about it.
  2. S

    HELP A NOOB TODAY! Low Budget/ Big Plans

    Hello there Photo Forum community, As my title suggests and my name as well, I am a big big noob... I have a really small budget as I am saving up to move to Iceland and then Cambodia. Long story! As you can imagine, I have to take pictures at these places... I mean they are renowned for...
  3. RecepEfe

    Used Canon SX220 HS

    Hi, I found two used Canon SX220 HS in my city. First one is about 60 $ with battery and charger. Second one is about 30 $ wihout battery and charger. I'll use this camera for document scanning mostly (My older post about interval time shooting for document scanning is here) with CHDK...