1. Modifeye

    Extremely proud of my latest photo manipulation!

    This is my latest project titled "Artificial Beauty" ... I included a few images of the behind-the-scenes process - no stock images were used. Would love to hear your thoughts! If this sort of work interests you then I encourage you to follow me along on Instagram (@Modifeye), I post there...
  2. Modifeye

    This is what happens when you pin a location in Google

    Who woulda thought? :biggrin-new:
  3. trantohao

    Spontaneous Concept

    I did a whimsical photoshoot with my friends. I am new to composting photos like this, so please leave a comment if you want. These are no where near good so I'd love to recieve feedbacks to improve my work! Thank you...
  4. Tuonenlapsi

    An Aspiring artist emerges from the shadows

    Hai! My name is Eero Turunen, and I come from Central Finland. I've been studying art now for 3 years by my own means and I am currently working as an assistant art teacher in Schildtin lukio where I graduated last year (a "lukio" is comparable to an american high school). I picked up...
  5. gk fotografie

    surrealism & photography

    surrealism & photography (create unexpected and unpredictable images by linking everyday objects in an unconventional way)