switching cameras

  1. infinabey

    Panasonic Lumix G6 or Canon EOS 200d?

    Hi there! I‘m new to this forum. I have a Panasonc Lumix G6 right now and I‘m just not extremely satisfied with it‘s image quality. The pictures tend to get noisy pretty quickly. Therefore I am thinking about selling it (bought it used for 222€) and buying a Canon EOS 200d (350€) instead...
  2. Meisshi

    I have Canon T2i. I think I want Sony A55. Help me a little bit?

    Hi friends! My first post. I wanted to find a place where many knowledgeable people could weigh in. Here's my "story". I am by no means a pro or know as much as actual photographers, but I wouldn't say I'm a complete beginner either. Four years ago I bought Canon Rebel T2i, which is pretty...