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    Best 35mm Lens under $70? Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 vs Vivitar 35mm f2.8 (tokina)

    Hello, I'm looking for a cheap (under $70) lens for M42. After searching through the Internet I think my two candidates for purchasing are Super-Takumar 35mm f3.5 and Vivitar 35mm f2.8 (tokina). Which one would you prefer and why? If you used only one of them, tell me about it. Are there any...
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    Need your advice on m42 to eos adapters

    hi guys. I'm looking to buy an adapter for my canon Rebel t3i. I have two lenses Pentax super takumar 50mm 1.4f and mamiya sekor auto 200mm 3.5f which I would like to use with my camera. I found two fotodiox m42 to eos adapters - V.1 and V.2. Could you please explain me what the difference...
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    FS - ASAHI PENTAX Super Takumar 85mm F1.9 MF Lens

    For Sale - ASAHI PENTAX Super Takumar 85mm F1.9 MF Lens I have recently come into ownership of a ASAHI PENTAX Super Takumar 85mm F1.9 MF Lens. Whilst photography is within my expertise, older photography gear is slightly outside my scope of knowledge. This lens appears to be in good condition...