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  1. D7K

    Removing flare effectively..

    I've used a few ways to try and reduce flare or remove it without trashing the stars or making it look obviously edited, has anyone got any tips in PS / LR that may be useful for removing flare? To be honest I don't "hate" it, but I know that some people do...
  2. gossamer

    Which filter was used here?

    Hi, I'm a relative photoshop/lightroom novice who uses my D500 and a nice 24-70mm to take pictures of people, mostly as a hobby. I recently shot a woman for her yoga business, and would like to make the pictures look warmer. Would someone suggest a photoshop/lightroom filter that would be...
  3. P

    Photographic Technique Question - Dream Like Quality

    Hello! Does anyone know the photographic technique this photographer uses for her shoots? - elina kechicheva | Photographer The shots have vibrant but dulled colours and almost a misty haze. Very dream like. I have never been able to figure it out and I am in love the look! I think it...
  4. R

    Product Photography?

    I've been contacted to take pictures of a series of tools- I've usually just done portrait photography and this really isn't my forte. The pictures they want- need to look like this: Please do not pictures to which you do not own rights. You may post a link. Fairly simple looking but how do I...