1. DesertFilth

    A nice camera travel backpack also for room clothing storage?

    I’ve recently been looking for a good travel backpack not just my dslr but also to store other things like clothes,accessories maybe even a laptop. I know lowepro has some good options, manfrotto has a good line of options but look small even the larger ones available. I really don’t want to...
  2. D

    Sony A7 for Traveling

    Hey guys, My friend is looking to invest in a better camera for traveling, he has been looking at the Sony Alpha series and found a Sony A7 for a reasonable price ( it comes with a 28-70mm). He is wondering if he should buy that and invest in a good lens or buy the a7ii or a7r. What would you...
  3. footballfan993

    Planes, trains, and... cameras?

    Hi everyone, So I'm going to finally travel on and airplane with my camera, and would like some tips First off, I'll be going to rapid city, sd, in a few weeks, so I'm bringing my camera to take pictures of my Rushmore, the badlands and anything else I might find interesting! My camera that I...