1. textures4photoshop

    How was your photographer journey from beginner to pro?

    I've recently published an article after consulting with multiple pro photographers and would love to get your feedback about the tips in this article: A Photographer’s Journey Is Never Over Knowing the Rules and When to Break Them In Sports Photography Shoot at 1/500th sec or Faster The...
  2. textures4photoshop

    What was the one photography tip you learned after which you no longer felt like a beginner?

    Hi guys, I've written an article called "A Photographer Journey From Beginner to Pro. Rules and Tips From Pros" (don't want to post the link here since this is my first post on the forum). I'm curious to find out what was for you the thing that you learned that made you say "From now on I'm...
  3. photoflyer

    Sports photos: composition tips and tricks

    I struggle with sport photographs and composition. I generally shoot images to include the primary athlete (the one with the ball/bat/puck etc) and competitor with an eye to cropping for composition later. The question then becomes what should that composition be? I am interested in ideas...
  4. D

    Beginners 10 Night Street Photography Tricks

    Much is discussed concerning photographing through the daylight hours, but how about after that? The night is the best time for street photography. Cityscapes are lit with an array of multi-colored and interesting light resources, such as lampposts, neon symptoms, store home windows, car...