1. birdbonkers84

    Blue skies - Stanley Park, Vancouver

    Couple of shots form my trip to Vancouver, wish I had taken more landscapes, but I was too busy seeking out the abundance of wildlife. These are a couple of shots from one of the better days while I was there. I also accidentally left my auto iso on when taking these shots, doh! 1. On the...
  2. birdbonkers84

    Photo of Vancouver Skyline

    Took this on my trip to Vancouver back in March, didn't have the best of weather while visiting, but I still loved it so much me and my g.f are going back next summer. This shot was taken from the other side of the lost lagoon near Stanley Park looking back onto downtown Vancouver. Vancouver...
  3. TwoPerfect

    Hello from the other side

    ...the other side being Vancouver, Canada. Any Canadians here? I've been interested in photography since high school and HDR photography since I heard about it in University, but didn't have the time nor money to get into it. Last Christmast, I bought myself a Sony a6000, Adobe CC, and...