1. nerwin

    Nikon D610 CineFlat Picture Control Before & After Color Grading

    The included picture profiles for the D600/D610 just suck. Standard is too constrasty (forget vivid and landscape, no dynamic range whatsoever). Neutral was better but still had very poor dynamic range. I had NO idea that you can add custom picture control to some Nikon DSLRs. Thanks to @Derrel...
  2. PhotoUp

    Canon 70D vs. Sony a6000

    Hello. I am deciding between 2 cameras, the canon 70d and the sony a6000. I can get them for around the same price along with about 200mm lenses. I plan on using which ever one I get as my everyday and any type of photography camera along with a good amount action photography. I will also be...
  3. C

    Tripod Warfare - Short action film

    Hey guys! When I was growing up, I used to pretend my dad's tripod was a gun and have shootouts with imaginary bad guys. A few weeks ago, while looking through my equipment, I realized I had a bunch of tripods in various sizes. So a few days later I decided to make a short action film in which...
  4. G

    Dreaming of my life on the outside (Nikon D5100)

    I had this unfinished project in Sony Vegas and I've rescued it. I used a Nikon D5100, 18-55 kit lens, After Effects and Photoshop. It's a nonsense video, but I wanted to share it. Thanks for watching!
  5. redbourn

    A video that you might enjoy.

    Jamie Oliver and David Loftus.
  6. AJPhotographic

    1st attempt at timelapse film.

    Hello. I've been taking photographs for a while now but I'm a little new to timelapse. This was my first time using after effects and premiere pro and also my first time working with hyperlapse techniques. For more info on the workflow and kit I used please read the description below. Any...
  7. AJPhotographic

    Short Timelapse Film

    Hello! Here is a short timelapse film I made using a Canon 600D. About 9000 Raw files shot and edited and about 40 hours of real-time captured. This looks best in full screen. For more info please check out the description on YouTube.
  8. G

    opinions on what camera i should get!!!

    hey hey hey! this is my very first post here! and was hoping i could get some help! haha I'm starting to do a bit of vlogging and a few other video work! and am looking for a decent camera to record in HD, i don't have many preferences other than i really need a flippable viewfinder/screen so...
  9. P

    WTB: Canon C100 Mk1 OR Mk2

    Looking for a Canon C100 Mk1 or Mk2. If you are looking to sell, send me a message.
  10. M

    Barred Owl Video Nikon D4s

    Hello All, Tried some video with my D4s. Nothing special just though I'd share the video. Cheers, Mike
  11. G

    search a video program

    Hey guys i am looking a good program to use so i can make videos from parties. I will take sceens from the party and i will combine them and put some music to do it.. i wanna make video like this..
  12. G

    Video maker programs

    Hey guys i am new to photography and i wanna know good programs that i can use to make videos. I wanna make them from parties. Like taking sceens and put them together.