vintage cameras

  1. J

    Vintage camera

    Hi, my girlfriend acquired this from her late grandfather , have no idea if it’s a good camera and if it’s worth anything it has three different lenses and two flashes and a bag , can any one advise , thanks 😊
  2. K

    Help me identify the model of this camera

    This camera has no serial number whatsoever, i tried looking up on google but that was useless, need the help of an expert.
  3. TV_or_not_TV

    Old Kodak 35mm-film cameras

    Does anyone have a list of all the Kodak 35mm-film cameras manufactured in the U.S. before the 1970s (going back to the early '30s), that are still able to use modern-day 35mm film (if so, please post it up)? If not, can anyone name as many Kodak camera models as they can that fit my specific...
  4. TV_or_not_TV

    Need Help Identifying This Old Camera

    Greetings, everyone! Just as the title suggests, I need someone to help me out with identifying this old camera spotted in one of my favorite movies (from 1990) - I need the make, model & year of the camera. I captured all the important stills from the movie in which the old camera shows up (a...