1. snowbear

    March 2021 Photo of the Month Voting

    Happy Easter. Best of luck to all. You may vote for up to three (3). Voting ends in seven days. 1. Untitled by @jcdeboever 2. "Barred Owl" by @K9Kirk 3. "After dinner nap" by @MSnowy 4. "Winter Island sunrise" by @SquarePeg 5. #2 from "Out and About" by @K9Kirk 6. "Contrast"...
  2. snowbear

    December 2015 POTM Voting

    1. Inside Cobh Cathedral by @jaomul 2. Reflections of the Champions (#10) by @ronlane 3. Scots Pines on a Frosty Day by @Tim Tucker 4. Snowy got off the ground #1 by @MSnowy 5. With these apples I will fail to amaze you by @TimTucker 6. Life is Art by @oldhippy 7. Wild Origins...
  3. snowbear

    October 2015 Voting Thread

    Sorry we missed this one. 1. Street photos #4 by @urahara 2. White-faced Ibis by @JacaRanda 3. Flamingo by @JTPhotography 4. Sitting on the stairs by @mmaria 5. Three bicycles by @sleist 6.Untitled by @telephotodreams 7. More Reflections by @sleist 8. Folly...
  4. snowbear

    November 2015 POTM Voting Thread

    1. Dragonfly wing, by @Kacper111 2. Caught in the moment, by @binga63 3. Sleeping Dragon by @Kacper111 4. Sharp-Shinned Hawk by @Didereaux 5. Mum by @SquarePeg 6. Adorable Laziness by @Mattis