1. G

    Can URINE on an SD card cause data corruption?

    I know this is a really weird question, but... If a very small amount of urine gets on an SD memory card, can it cause corruption/damage to the photos stored on the card? A little bit of pee may have gotten on an SD card containing photos of a very rare bird I photographed yesterday. Very...
  2. Superka

    Choosing tripod for landscape photography. The main point to concern.

  3. jlf-photo

    Snowy owl in golden light

    Hello there! First time I post here! I hope you'll enjoy these. A few shots taken during last winter in the very last moment of light of the day.
  4. Ian McGregor

    Mallard By The Lake

    There is a small lake near where I live, which is home to a ducks, Canada Goose and American White Pelicans. This is a duck taking a break after a swim. D810 500mm ISO400 1/800sec f/7.1 - tripod was my knee as I sat in the grass.
  5. Taybrode

    go west

    I recently took a road trip out west and found the the animals to be quite intriguing.
  6. asheghesafar

    Fish eagle

    Recently I shoot some photos of wildlife including birds and other animals on a trip to Kenya, As I am new in this field I am posting my shots here, your comments may help to improve my work
  7. G

    Newbie here!

    Hey everyone, I am a new amateur wildlife/animal photographer from the UK and just wanted to share some of my photo's with you and hope you enjoy them. I have a 500px account - Username GregSheard1 please feel free to follow if you do like my photo's and any feedback would be more than welcome...
  8. Shael

    Another day at the Zoo

    First time posting here, comments welcome. From the Henry Doorly Zoo:
  9. JustBen

    Eastern Bluebird Couple

    Found a good spot to watch a Eastern Bluebird couple build a nest and raise their chicks. It's just not getting boring to watch them.
  10. nerwin

    Chipmunk on the stone

    I saw this chipmunk sitting on top of these stones and shot low to get some of the grass in the frame, I'm really surprised how sharp I was able to focus at 300mm. Nikon D610 + 70-300 VR f/5.6, 1/1000th, ISO 400.
  11. KalitheArtist

    Nature Walk

    I went on a nature walk today, with the same lens as before, hopefully these are better than the last ones. Haha. I have some more of some little birds and ducks, but I don't feel they're good enough to keep. I don't know. Maybe I'll post them.
  12. KalitheArtist

    Practice with Robins

    I'm fairly new to the game, only been a few months, but I shoot with a Nikon D3300. These particular pictures were taken with my 800mm infinity telephoto lens. I'm still getting used to the camera shake, but I would like some comments on what I could do to take better pictures. I tried my best...
  13. MillerD

    wildlife is looking at you

    Hi everyone, this is my latest album. tell me what you think about it, I would really enjoy if you are honest.
  14. FergusonK

    Fawn in motion

    Took these pictures a couple of months ago while visiting south Texas. This fawn was on the move to go to it's mother and I managed to catch a few as it trotted past me. In the first photo you can see it calling it's mother. I am having a hard time deciding which is my favorite out of the...
  15. T


    Team, posting some bird shots photographed in December 2015. All shots were taken with EOS 50D and 70-200 F4L + Canon 1.4 XII TC C&C welcome! Egret standing alone by v_2shaib, on Flickr Egret taking off. Mangalajodi, Orissa by v_2shaib, on Flickr Egret waiting for Love by v_2shaib, on...
  16. B

    Nikon upgrade? d7200? Help!

    Greetings, I currently have a Nikon d3100 (Rarely use-It's mostly just for back up) and a Nikon d5100 (Primary use). I have a 18mm-55mm lens, mm-200mm lens and a lens that goes up to 300mm. I am considering upgrading to the d7200 from the d5100, From what i've read, they both use the DX...
  17. Kacper111

    Some wildlife from Poland :)

    Here are some of my shoots from Europe (Poland) :) 1. Jay 2. Dipper 3. Blue tit 4. Tree sparrow Tell me if you want more images like those :)
  18. jorelcuomo

    Indian Leopard Coming Down Tree

    Indian Leopard - Nagarhole National Park, India ------------------------------------------------------------ This past October I spent 20 days on safari in India. The jungles were lush and very green after the summer monsoons which provided an amazing backdrop for shooting in. This male Leopard...
  19. S

    Elephant bull in Kruger National Park

    I photographed this Elephant bull in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Kruger is a great place to photograph Elephants as they are used to cars and they will come all the way up to the car and be really relaxed around them. This gives people a great opportunity to get great close up shots...