1. nerwin

    It finally snowed, Luke

    I woke up to it being all white outside and my cat, Luke, had to check it out too! Nikon Z6II + Z 35mm 1.8 S
  2. Sign/Reflected


    Among the many loves of mine to photograph: signs, through windows & reflections.... I also loved the blue color of the sign spotted in Prospect Heights
  3. Gridiron Football

    Gridiron Football

    Gridiron Football hit rear window
  4. nat3wall

    Lights from the window

    This was taken during a theater class with a teacher, the light from the windows was just to beautiful not to take a picture.
  5. MrPants

    Sleeping WonTon

    Met this snoozing fella whilst walking around Richmond, VA. I was visiting my sister with my girlfriend and one of my roomies.
  6. Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    Roadside Antiques Shop in Torrance Ontario

    A well used building now serves as a roadside antiques shop near Torrance Ontario. Brian Carson The Learning Curve Photography