1. woman's portrait

    woman's portrait

    Portrait of a Woman
  2. Lucienel

    Hello from Hamburg!

    Hello everyone! I'm Lucie and I'm new here. I would like to introduce myself and my work. I like mainly nude and documentary photography, sometimes I experiment with autoportraits (the attached photo is a selfie). You can use these links to see more photos of mine. If you decide to follow me or...
  3. nf1

    Portraits with small light modifiers

    I've just finished a test of two small portable light modifiers for my blog and wanted to share the images I got. Constructive comments and critiques are welcome. The modifiers used are quite small and portable: The first two images are with 30 cm (12") Octabox. The second two are with...
  4. vato_loco

    C&C on a portrait please

    This is a portrait from one of my last sessions. I'd love some C&C on it and see how I could improve it. Thank you! Sofia by Eugenio Teran, en Flickr
  5. C

    Old Lady

    I was leaving home when I came across this lady at the gate. She was asking for money to buy your eye drops. What draws attention to her are her eyes. Critics and comments are wellcome.