xf90mm f2

  1. Fujidave

    Roxi Taken with Fuji

    Roxi taken with the X-H1 and XF90mm f2. I know about the bit of speaker left in but Roxi loves it. Roxi by Dave, on Flickr
  2. Fujidave

    Yellow and Red with 90mm

    Had some fun the other day with the X-T3 + XF90mm f2 @f2 Yellow and Red by Dave, on Flickr
  3. Fujidave

    Portrait of Beauty

    When we got Susie from the RSPCA they told us she hates rain and snow, so a quick image of my beautiful little girl taken with the X-T3 + XF 90mm f2 @f2. Portrait of Beauty by Dave, on Flickr