10,000 miles. 3 weeks. Lets plan my US Trip



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Oct 26, 2006
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As one example: Acoma has Sky city.. (google that) They sell photographic licenses, but absolutely NO pictures inside the Church. On the Laguna reservation, no pictures are allowed inside the town of Mesita, etc. Same for the Jemez Reservation, etc.
You can obtain permission from the Tribal Council, but have to jump through hoops, and follow restrictions. Keep in mind this is toward the housing and people, as well as some sites. (Sacred). Some of the tribes just don't want their intellectual property to be misused by others is all. They know they cannot stop pictures from the highway, but if you enter the towns, they can.

but also, this is usually toward non members of the tribe. (They have cell phone cameras too...) But they don't want pics taken of ceremonies et al.

Its more a give and take, but just stay aware.

Also stay aware of the weather. As for GPS, be careful with that too. Alot of the "roads" they show are not really roads... lol. (I work in GIS, thats how I know...)

but have fun, and more importantly, try the Green Chile. :D

I'm thinking I might need to stay away from the Green Chile!

Thanks again for more information. I can understand why they wouldn't want pictures taken. If I'm going to travel all the way out there, I would jump through the hoops to at least TRY and get some photography


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