10 pics from the 200-400 VR


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Dec 8, 2005
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West London, UK
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Its only the 2nd & 3rd time I've managed to get out with the new lens but here are some random shots from the last two days, all with the 200-400. A couple with the 1.4 TC on as well. Most were low shutter speeds as the weather was very hit and miss with lots of cloud creeping in towards the afternoon. Given the low light/slow shutter speeds I was using for the most part I am once again very impressed with the performance of this lens! All shots either handheld or resting on beanbag.




Taken with 1.4x, 550mm at 1/125s. This is about a %50 crop.

Again 550mm with 1.4TC. 1/125s again, he was a moving a bit on the branch in the wind so surprised this came out as sharp as it did. Practically full frame.


& babies - there was a big mass of them in a huddle, about 10 or so. Nearly every shot looks weird though as there are eyes and beaks all over the place..!


Last two are my favourites:

Grey Partridge:
460mm, 1/160s at f5.6 (again with the TC)

And lastly, this Hare was happily eating away, seemingly unaware that we had pulled up not far from where he was. They are VERY skitish and so was lucky he hung around long enough for a couple of shots. Unfortunately he didn't stick his ears up until he was too obscured by grass to get a clear shot. Still, never seen one before so pleased to have got a picture of one in the wild!

Those are amazing photographs. I'd trade my pro dragster for a lens that would do that for me!

What camera were you using?
summers_enemy said:
What absolutely beautiful photographs! I love them all, but the bunny is probably my favorite. Where were you to get such a variety of creatures out and about? Some kind of nature preserve or was it just pure luck?
Thanks :)
I was at a Marshland that is preserved to attract wildlife and migrating birds.

midnitejam said:
Those are amazing photographs. I'd trade my pro dragster for a lens that would do that for me!

What camera were you using?
Oh yes I knew Ihad forgotten to say something! lol

My D200 was at the other end of the lens :)
very nice series here, not too shabby for the first few times out with the lens :)

I am in love.
Mostly so with that cute little sparrow against the plain green background. Was it really like that and has only your telephoto lens and its DOF created that one?

I like them all, mind. They are all perfect.
But that sparrow ... I just love sparrows! And green!


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