100 countries and now?!

Discussion in 'Welcomes and Introductions' started by chrisontour84, Feb 5, 2018.

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    Hey Forum! Glad to be here :)

    I am Chris, 33 and from Germany. Spent the last 3 years to travel full time, seen 100 countries so far and brought back around 200,000 pictures!

    Now it's time to make sure they are seen and I also want to switch from Landscape into Portrait photography with my recent move back to London. Hopefully, I will find useful information in here and maybe also provide the same to others!

    Also got a brand new logo for my website now and wanted to hear your opinion?! I think it is much better than the old crappy photo from me standing in front of a mirror in an icelandic toilet, but since you cant compare that, I would like to hear some feedback :)

    Is the font okay? Should the dog go? haha so many questions!


    Thanks :)

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    Welcome to TPF! Sounds like you have had a lot of adventures, and have many photos to share. :) I hope you check out our Photo Galleries section, where you can post your work by category (Landscape, People, etc.). Please don't continue to link back to your web site in order to share your work. Post your work here and get to know everyone, and enjoy the forum!

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